Accepted for PubMed listing

Posted by Rebecca Lawrence, 14 January 2013

We are very pleased to say that F1000Research has been approved for indexing in PubMed.  Don’t rush off to go and look for our articles there yet though, as there will be a short delay before the first ones appear – it should happen in the next few weeks.

We have agreed with the NLM Selection Committee that only articles that pass our peer review process will be listed in PubMed, and of course also deposited in PubMed Central.  This is a similar arrangement to that agreed with Elsevier last year with regard to indexing in Scopus and Embase; again, our articles will start to appear on these sites very shortly.

With our record for publication time of 30 hours and our record for receipt of referee reports of 24 hours, you could find your article listed in PubMed in under 3 days from submission!  Could prove rather handy if you need something quick for those looming grant deadlines or you need to ensure you don’t get scooped.

F1000Research is an original open science publishing platform for life scientists that offers immediate open access publication, transparent post-publication peer review by invited referees, and full data deposition and sharing. F1000Research accepts all scientifically sound articles, including single findings, case reports, protocols, replications, null/negative results, and more traditional articles.

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